Waterville Area Ventures, or WAVE, is a partnership between the Harold Alfond Institute for Business Innovation (HAIBI), Dirigo Labs, Central Maine Growth Council (CMGC) and the Skowhegan Center for Entrepreneurship to provide entrepreneurs the assistance that they need at whatever stage that they’re in.

Got an idea? Then we’ve got an expert that can help you!

Mike Duguay – Executive Director, Harold Alfond Institute for Business Innovation

Mike has assisted over 1,000 entrepreneurs in his career and specializes in working with startups in the Ideation and Incubation stages, as these entrepreneurs work to validate their market and identify their business model.

Susan Ruhlin – Managing Director

As the operational lead for the accelerator, Susan works with entrepreneurs, mentors, and stakeholders to ensure the successful execution of the program. Additionally, she provides preliminary startup consultation and facilitates connections between founders and resources such as economic development and investment opportunities

Emalee Hall – Program Manager

Emalee is responsible for developing and managing relationships between statewide startup accelerators, incubators, and startup companies to ensure successful use of the DL platforms and suite of services.

Garvan Donegan – Director of Planning, Innovation, and Economic Development

Garvan provides consultations to entrepreneurs on business planning, site selection, and funding, and recruits tech-based firms to the region.

Sabrina Jandreau – Development Coordinator

Sabrina is responsible for implementing the Central Maine Growth Council and Dirigo Lab’s communications and media strategies, assisting in the creation of workforce development initiatives, and providing outreach to local and regional businesses.

Gabe Gauvin – Assistant Director of Economic Development and Strategic Projects

Gabe is responsible for supporting, planning and advancing a program of economic development for CMGC and the City of Waterville. His work directly supports businesses, employment, and growing the tax base throughout the area while facilitating the implementation of both public and private investment.

Patric Moore – Business Relations Manager

As Business Relations Manager of Main Street Skowhegan, Patric Moore leads our entrepreneurship ecosystem work, which includes but is not limited to, managing the Skowhegan Center for Entrepreneurship, working on real estate redevelopment projects, and assisting local business owners and entrepreneurs start and grow within Skowhegan.

Kristina Cannon – President & CEO at Main Street Skowhegan

Kristina is responsible for overseeing and managing economic and community development activity in Skowhegan, which includes overseeing the Skowhegan Center for Entrepreneurship.

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